William Byrd Choir The   William   Byrd   Choir   made   its   debut   in   1973   with   a   concert   at   St   Andrew’s   Holborn.   That   concert   was   attended by   the   BBC   producer   and   musicologist   Basil   Lam   who   as   a   result   invited   the   choir   to   record   a   programme   of Palestrina   for   Radio   3.   The   Choir   subsequently   recorded   Renaissance   church   music   frequently   for   the   BBC, including   programmes   of   Byrd,   Weelkes,   Lassus,   Palestrina   and   Victoria,   as   well   as   some   fascinating   16th   century liturgical   reconstructions   for   the   producer   Hugh   Keyte.   In   the   late   1980s   the   BBC,   with   different   priorities,   gave   up making   regular   recordings   of   this   repertoire   with   freelance   professional   recital   choirs.   During   the   early   1970s   the Choir   started   giving   regular   London   Concerts   at   the   South   Bank’s   Queen   Elizabeth   Hall   and   Purcell   Room,   at   St John’s Smith Square, and at the Wigmore Hall. It also performed at music festivals in England and abroad. The   choir   made   a   number   of   foreign   tours,   particularly   to   Italy.   In 1980   the   Choir   was   the   first   outside   choir   to   record   in   the   Sistine Chapel.   The   recordings   were   broadcast   by   the   BBC   and   released   as an own label commercial LP by the BBC.
William Byrd Choir     director Gavin Turner
The   William   Byrd   Choir   has   made   a   number   of   commercial   recordings.   Click   on   the   link   to   the   Hyperion   Records website on our 'Recordings’ page to sample two of our CDs.