Gavin Turner   -   Founder Director of the William Byrd Choir Gavin   Turner   first   became   interested   in   16th   century   church music    when    singing    in    the    school    chapel    choir    at    Malvern College.      At   Edinburgh   University   he   sang   daily   services   at   St Mary’s     Episcopal     Cathedral     and     was     a     member     of     the Edinburgh   University   Singers.   He   also   started   a   small   student choir   of   his   own.   After   graduation   he   was   for   a   couple   of   years an   alto   lay   clerk   at   Gloucester   Cathedral.   When   he   moved      to London,   to   work   in   Government   publishing,   he   sang   as   a   deputy in   a   number   of   professional   church   choirs   in   London.   In   1973 he   decided   to   start   his   own   professional   choir,   which   flourished during   the   1970s   and   1980s.   Having   moved   to   Norfolk   to   work at   HMSO’s   Norwich   HQ,   he   stayed   in   Norfolk   after   retirement. He      now      presents      occasional      concerts      and      liturgical performances   in   North   Norfolk   at   churches   like   St   Peter   and   St Paul at Salle and St Andrew Gunton, with a new  generation of young professional singers.
William Byrd Choir     director Gavin Turner