As   many   of   you   will   know,   Gavin   Turner   gave   his   last   concert   with   the   William   Byrd   Choir   (which   he   founded   in 1973)   at   Norwich   Cathedral   at   the   end   of   July   2018.   Most   of   our   recordings   (from   the   1970s   and   1980s)   have   now been   deleted,   although   our   Hyperion   CDs   are   still   available   to   special   order   (and/or   possibly   as   downloads)   from Hyperion   themselves.   We   would   like   to   make   one   or   two   new   recordings   of   some   of   Gavin’s   favourite   Byrd   motets   if we   can   raise   the   capital   to   do   so.      We   will   keep   the   website   and   the   mailing   list   open   for   perhaps   another   year   unless and   until   we   are   able   to   issue   these   new   recordings.      Fortunately,   since   the   William   Byrd   Choir   started   45   years   ago, there   are   many   more   performances   of   Byrd   both   on   record   and   in   concert   these   days,   and   we   would   particularly recommend   the   Byrd   performances   by   Stile   Antico   and   Gallicantus,   both   of   whom   allow   the   music   to   breathe   and Byrd to express his often deeply felt emotions. We   would   especially   like   to   thank   our   Norfolk   followers   in   recent   years   who   have   turned   out   regularly   for   our   annual concerts   in   North   Norfolk;   we   know   from   the   standing   ovation   that   many   of   them   were   at   Norwich   Cathedral   on 28th July this year.